Making critical information available if needed


If anyone—you, your significant other, parent, or grandparent—had a medical emergency and were unable to speak, how could emergency personnel know who you are, what medicines you take, and how to get in touch with your emergency contact? Or how could a passer-by get that information to relay it to 911 personnel?

The purpose of the Emergency Info Lock Screen app is to make it very easy for anyone to access those and other items of critical information by putting them on your lock screen so that in an emergency situation, the information is readily available to anyone who simply looks at your lock screen.

Apple’s Health App, accessed through the emergency screen, can contain that information. Unfortunately, however, many people do not use that app, and many people do not know how to access it.

For iPhone 6 and up.


Emergency Info Lock Screen enables you to put critical health and contact information on your iPhone lock screen by having you fill out a form on your iPhone, taking a picture of the form, and then guiding you to save that picture as your lock screen image. The app stores the information in a small database on your iPhone, and it can be updated at any time by running the app again.


Below are screenshots of the various steps in using the app.

After the app loads, you will see this screen, from which you can create a new, or edit the existing, form.   The first time you tap “Create/Edit”, you must give the app permission to access your photos; otherwise, the app will not work.   This is the entire empty form. Each field in the form shows the type of information and the format in which it should be entered.   As you fill out the form, tap “Done” to move from one field to the next.   After you finish filling out the form, you will have options to “Cancel”, “Save”, or “Clear All”. Tap on “Save” to save the information.   After you tap on "Save", the app will take a screenshot and then give you instructions for how to save it as your lock screen.   This is an example of what your lock screen will look like after you finish using the app to set your lock screen.

Please note these additional points for using the app:


A copy of the privacy policy for Emergency Info Lock Screen is available here.


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